Communication via satellite refers to the transformation of radio or electromagnetic waves from the transmitter to the receiver on different earth location. The waves are further interpreted by the antenna and process the information hence creating communication. Satellite communication trailer on its part refers to a broadband hotspot with high speed and high range of connectivity to the internet. It is portable and mobile.
Applications of satellite communication trailer.
In broadcasting live events. For instance historical events like the swearing in of a president or any other crucial event.
Due to its high internet connectivity, the satellite communication trailer is the best in responding to emergencies. Such as anoutbreak
It enables tracking activities such as wildlife tracking in the game reserves, map making and land survey.
Weather forecasting. The satellite is designed to monitor the cloud patterns, and the climate in general. The information received is interpreted at the weather station hence enabling the prediction of weather patterns.
It facilitates communication between different civilians on earth. For example the use of mobile phones, radios and computers. Sound is amplified, retransmitted and reflected so that the recipient can get the message.
It is used in military communication. Like any other application, military communication uses radio waves be it the air force, navy or the army. Due to its high internet connectivity, communication is faster hence enabling quick response.
In space stations where scientists use the satellite for survey. This is enhanced by use of space telescopes therefore the communication enables them to carry out their research. In addition to this, astronauts are able to communicate in space like they would do here on earth.
Advantages of using satellite communication trailer.
Its small size makes the trailers portable hence enabling the broadcasting of live events. Some events are best broadcasted live like the world cup.
It saves time and labour.
It is ideal for responding to emergencies. It is easier to use the trailers than setting up any other form of communication.
It portability makes it fit for military communication. Those on their duty can ask for backup or relay important information. Satellite communication facilitates to the study of the universe by scientists which in turn has led to the great discoveries like the existence of other planets.
It is cost effective. This is because once the trailer is purchased, it requires less labour and maintenance.
As a result of having high internet connectivity, satellite communication is faster making the trailers the best for responding to emergencies.

Limitations of satellite communication trailer.

The initial cost of purchasing the trailer is high.
The communication might be affected by noise and interference which has the result of providing signals of poor quality
At times, the personnel employed to run the trailer might not be familiar with it and might end up messing things up.
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