How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout Through Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has become a popular way of practicing yoga in various forms, especially in Western countries where the climate is colder than the Indian region where yoga was yoga


Hot yoga by itself is not just a small form of yoga, but it easily incorporates the other branches of yoga within itself. The idea is to practice yoga in warmer conditions and environments in order to benefit from what the asanas (poses) have to offer in the climate where they had been originally been thought of.

If you have heard of this increasingly popular term and now want to learn more about hot yoga or hot power yoga, then this post would be the destination for you. You wwill be able to learn what hot yoga is, what it entails, and whether or not it would be a right fit for you.


What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga refers to practicing yoga under warm conditions and temperatures. During a hot yoga session, the temperature is sometimes heated to 105 degree Fahrenheit in a room, and the workout is performed under this consistently warm temperature. However, the temperature consistency depends on which type of yoga is being performed under the umbrella of hot yoga.

It is because hot yoga itself can include many forms of yoga, such as the popular Bikram yoga that actually requires the 105 degree Fahrenheit temperature as mentioned above.

The objective behind the practice is not only to have a more rigorous workout and to let the toxins out of your body through sweating. The way that your muscles can ease up after this warmer and more demanding session can actually be very good for your muscular and even cardiovascular health.

These effects are being studied by modern science, but those who practice hot yoga on a regular basis have consistently reported the sensations of energy, relaxation and improved stamina.

While many forms of yoga are performed under hot yoga, two of the most popular forms are hot power yoga and heated flow yoga, which combines two powerhouse workouts in one.


What is Hot Power Yoga?

Hot power yoga uses the practice of usual power yoga, which combines strong asanas on a fast pace and is considered an intense workout session. The asanas in power yoga are intended to drive maximum effort from the practitioner, which in turn results in a rejuvenated feeling over the long run.

When combined with hot yoga, power yoga becomes an even more intense session, and those who want to get the most out of their yoga go this route.


What is Heated Flow Yoga?

Heated flow yoga makes use of vinyasa yoga or as some may call it, vinyasa flow yoga. Vinyasa yoga is the practice of using long form asanas while moving from one to another seamlessly as though you are flowing into the next position – which earns it the name of “flow” yoga.

When it is met with hot yoga, vinyasa yoga becomes heated flow yoga, with the effects of the vinyasa flow yoga now growing twofold under the heat. This is another way of getting the most out of an already intense yoga session.

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How to Find a Good Hail Damage Repair Specialist for Your Car

After enduring an unexpected hailstorm, the first thing on your mind is to check for the damage that the storm brought along for you and your family.

While checking your roof and your housing structure can be a pretty straightforward task since most houses are built to sustain any damage from natural phenomena such as hailstorms, your other possessions, such as your car, need to be checked more thoroughly and with a more nuanced approach.

hail repair

Since hail damage repair for a car needs you to identify the often missed dents or the small yet problematic cracks on your car’s body, it is always best to have your vehicle checked by a professional  to ensure that the dent repair problems do not get too big to the point that they pose bigger issues for you.

To find such a provider who could carry out the required hail repair in a proficient manner, you need to make sure that they are capable enough of pulling off the task.

By keeping these few points in mind, you can easily find a skillful hail damage repair specialist for you.

Ask for Referrals

If you live in an area that is raided by unexpected hailstorms quite frequently, then chances are that you are not the only one who has to seek out hail repair services from time to time.

Thus, try asking around your extended family members, friends and coworkers for their references of dent repair specialists, so you could get referred to providers who have provably provided great services in the past.

Check Online Forums

Specialized online portals that are dedicated for weather damage repair or automotive repair could be found in almost every local community. You can find pages on Facebook or look for subthreads in Reddit about where to find a good hail repair specialist.

However, since you do not personally know these people who would be providing such references, you will need to verify the authenticity of their claims by doing an online profile check on the referred provider.


Do a Local Search

After asking for firsthand accounts of people’s experiences with dent repair in the aforementioned manner, you will have quite a few names on your list. However, in order to add to that and increase your chances of finding a great hail repair specialist for your car, do a quick online search about hail repair specialists near you.

The resulting listings would add to the providers whose profiles need to be vetted, and you can then begin the process of verifying all such profiles.

Check for Experience, Reviews, and Testimonials

Once you have collected a sufficient amount of names for hail repair specialists, you will be in a position to verify those listings. Start by checking their websites and the techniques they use for dent repair. For instance, one of the most effective techniques for hail damage repair is through paintless dent repair (PDR), so checking if these providers offer it is only prudent.

Looking for their reviews through verified portals such as Google Maps and Yelp would also be a good idea, and seeing their experience and pictures of previous jobs would be greatly effective.

By leveraging these few techniques, you will be able to find a proficient hail repair specialist for your car easily.

The Many Uses of Medical Marijuana – Is it the New Wonder Medicine?

For decades, many have argued against the health benefits of medical cannabis and have instead advocated its side effects. However, all of this is now changing, with observational scientific findings proving just how effective medical marijuana can be in terms of relief from even the most stubborn of symptoms, all with little to no side effects.

This has caused many individuals and experts from the medical industry to come forward with their own opinions on the use of medical cannabis. They think it could change the medical industry by helping individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those who currently have limited options when it comes to methods that relieve pain effectively.

And one doctor from Harvard Medical School stands for all of that, and more.


This Doctor from Harvard Medical School Wants You to Look Into Medical Marijuana

Dr. Peter Grinspoon, MD, who is the contributing editor to Harvard Medical School’s Health Blog, shared his findings of medical marijuana in a detailed post which he wrote in early 2018. In the piece, Dr. Grinspoon noted how medical cannabis is changing the medical industry by not only touching the fields of pain relief, but also transcending to the use of intoxication free medical marijuana products that still prove to be just as effective.

Medical Marijuana

Dr. Grinspoon, like many others, asked for attention to the idea of using CBD (cannabidiol), which is one of over 100 components of cannabis. Unlike the prominent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD lacks the intoxication factor by a significant amount but remains perfectly potent.

CBD acts as a medicinal agent when used as a medical marijuana product provided by a licensed medical cannabis dispensary.

Like experts before him, Dr. Grinspoon notes CBD, despite lacking the intoxication effect, had consumers reporting relief from various conditions. CBD also reportedly helped them relieve the symptoms from extreme bouts of epilepsy.

In addition to this, he also mentioned the various uses of medical marijuana across a variety of conditions.  Interesting conditions he noted was that of Parkinson’s Disease, where it has been noted to relieve tremors; anxiety,  insomnia, and of course chronic and pain-inducing conditions such as cancer, where it has helped with pain relief, hunger problems, and relaxation.

But Dr. Grinspoon is not the only expert who has noted these qualities exhibited by marijuana,  individuals from various fields of medicine have been coming together to ask for the legalization of medical marijuana, and in recent cases, have been succeeding as well.


Illinois Just Passed a Law for Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief

On August 29, 2018, the state of Illinois passed a law related to medical cannabis that will now allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for pain relief, legally. The move was made by state lawmakers after considering the positive effects of medical marijuana, especially against the use of opiates that pose significant physical, mental and addiction risks with long-term usage.

All of this does not only show just how the worldview is changing towards the usage of medical cannabis as an effective medicine, but how medical marijuana it is also effectively helping people with various conditions.

Apart from Illinois, Colorado is one of 30 U.S. states that have legalized medical marijuana. In particular, Colorado also has a reputation for being a trailblazer in marijuana-related legislation,  by being one of the first 10 states that legalized medical marijuana in the U.S. It was also right alongside Washington in legalizing recreational marihuana in 2012.

In its current state, Colorado has a few cannabis dispensary and cannabis boutique locations, almost all of which participate in the state-sanctioned medical marijuana program and provide medical cannabis to Colorado residents.

One such location is Groundswell, which specializes in various medical marijuana products and remains a marijuana dispensary Denver residents are glad to visit for their medical cannabis needs. Groundswell is also a known location for providing recreational marihuana products to its local community, and thus could also serve you as a cannabis boutique that could meet all of your needs related to medicinal and recreational marihuana.

Tips to Make Your Roofing Last Longer

Whether it is a house or a commercial structure, installing a roof proves to be one of the biggest investments in any building. Therefore, if you are a proud homeowner or hold some other real estate, then you need to ensure that the roofing you have installed on your properties is getting the maintenance that it requires in order to stay in its best shape.

Here are a few tips that can help you maintain a longer life for your roofing, so that you only have to look into roof replacement procedures when it is absolutely necessary to do so.


Ensure to Check for External Materials

No matter where you live, your roof is bound to sustain exposure to external elements and materials. While it could only remain as minimal as getting a bit of sand in the shingles or even get to be as prominent as having moss growing on it, you should ensure that you periodically clear any external materials or debris from your roofing in an effective manner. You can do this yourself, or hire local roof contractors to do the job for you.


Make Sure to Check for Signs of Damage

There will be times when you could see missing roofing shingles from a distance while standing on your driveway, and then there will be times where you could only see the signs of wear and tear when you take a closer look on your roof. Therefore, ensure periodic checks to determine if your roofing has sustained any damage overtime. This is particularly important after exposure to extreme weather such as a thunderstorm or high-intensity winds. If you see any signs of damage, such as cracked shingles, then do not hesitate to contact roofing contractors to help you repair them.


Get Scheduled Maintenance Done

Even if you are performing these periodic checks by yourself and doing all you can to deal with any visible threats or signs of damage with your roofing, there is only so much you can do to detect underlying problems.

To make sure that you haven’t missed any pressing issues, call a few roofing contractors and get couple of opinions on how the roof looks.

roofing last longer

Have maintenance scheduled with roofing contractors who could address such issues before they become a bigger problem for you and your building. Having multiple contractors come out provide a wide array of options, giving you a holistic assessment and not a biased one.


Find Roofing Contractors Who Are Reliable

What goes a long way in maintaining the life of your roof is to find reliable roof contractors who would not only be able to fulfill your maintenance requirement, but also come through when you need a roof replacement in the case of your current roofing giving way.
Roof Worx is one of such reliable roofing contractors who would be able to maintain your new or existing roof with ease, while also being there for you when you need your roofing to be replaced. Whether you require roofing maintenance or a new roofing installation to be done, do not hesitate to reach out to Roof Worx.