Brain Surgery Recovery

Brain surgery is a very serious surgery. After brain surgery it will take some time for the patient to return to normal function and activities. A patient may take a while to return to their normal energy levels as well. The most important thing a patient can do is rest. The post-op care is going to be very different patient to patient, but one thing that remains the same is each patient should be getting adequate rest. There are a few things that will affect the post-op care and instructions. It depends on the type of surgery the patient had, their age and health, where the tumor was located, and if there was or how much of the brain was affected by surgery.


After brain surgery the patient will stay in the hospital 1-7 days, depending on the type brain surgeryof surgery and how they are responding after the surgery. While you are still in the hospital under care the nurses and/or doctors will give you a list of instructions and medication to take home with you. Make sure to ask any and all questions so you are confident going home. After the surgery is complete, once the doctors have assessed your health, you will be able to reunite with your family. The doctors and nurses will go over important information with your family about the patients at home care. The doctors and nurses will give them instructions on the patients care and any red flags to keep an eye out for in the patient.


While the patient is still in the hospital recovering, they may meet with a team of rehabilitation specialists. This will help the patient with any behavior or thought process problems they may be experiencing. If a patient is having difficulty speaking they may see a speech language pathologist. A speech language pathologist can also help with any swallowing issues the patient may have. A physical therapist will help a patient with any walking or balancing issues they may have. This will be very important to do while they are in the hospital too before being discharged. They will want to make sure the patient can walk and climb the stairs. An occupational therapist can help a patient with their day to day activities such as getting dressed in the morning. They will also help to make sure the patient is ok to drive safely and return to work.  Once the patient is released from the hospital may need to enter a rehabilitation facility to continue with some of these rehabilitation specialists.


When the patient returns home it is important to keep an eye out for any red flags. If the patient has any seizures or has trouble breathing, contact 911 immediately. The patient or caretaker should contact their doctor if he has trouble remembering things, nauseous, trouble walking, faint, difficulty talking, issues controlling bowel movements or urination, has more headaches than usual, major changes in mood or personality, sensitive to light, stiff neck, or has difficulty seeing or hearing.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Picking out a gift for your girlfriend’s birthday can be a daunting task. If you mess up and get her a gift she doesn’t like then you could be in the doghouse. However, getting her a gift she loves could make your life pretty great. This list of birthday gift should help you out. Remember you should pick out a gift that is unique for her personal taste. An important thing to remember when picking out a gift is also to think of things that she has mentioned that she needs lately. Also, think about what she likes to do for fun and what her style is like.   If you and your girlfriend are ready to take the next step then a great birthday gift would be an engagement ring. There are a lot of engagement rings to choose from and that can be a difficult choice in picking the right one for her. If you need help in choosing which ring is best for her, look at her current jewelry and see what style she likes. If you do not see anything you like then meet with different custom jewelers to help you design a ring. Cut Fine Jewelers in Denver can help you create a custom engagement ring that will be sure to make your girlfriend happy.   If your girlfriend has a trip coming up think about things she would need for that. Think about if she needs new luggage or any other travel gear. If you know the details of the trip you could plan a special outing at her destination. For example, if she is going to Costa Rica, you could set up a zipline tour for her.   If your girlfriend is really into music check to see if there are any concerts coming up that she would like to attend. You could buy her tickets to the show and plan a nice dinner beforehand. If there are not any concerts coming up look into getting her a record player. You could also accompany this with a few records you think she would like.   If your girlfriend is really into taking pictures you could get her a Polaroid camera. Polaroid cameras are not that expensive so if you are on a budget this would be a great option. Also, include a few rolls of film with the camera so she can start using it right away. If you have a little more money to spend you could get her a GoPro camera. There are a lot of great accessories to go with it so you could include some extra pieces as well.   If your girlfriend is really into glam then you could get her something beauty related. One option is to treat her to a hair blowout. This is where you go into a salon and they wash your hair and then style it. Another option is to get her any makeup she has been eyeing.   If your girlfriend is passionate about home decorating then get her something for her home. You can’t go wrong getting her a blanket for her place. Another option would be a set of nice candles. Also, think about when you have been shopping with her lately and if she mentioned anything she liked but did not buy.   If your girlfriend has expensive taste and you have the budget for it get her something from her favorite designer. If she is very into Gucci you could get her the latest Gucci purse or belt. Another option is to get her a nice pair of designer shoes.

All About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are molars that do not arrive in the mouth until people are teenagers or early twenties. Most often when the teeth Dentist DTCarrive they cause overcrowding in the mouth and must be removed. However, if they are aligned well with the rest of the teeth in the mouth they can stay and will not have to be removed.


When wisdom teeth have to be removed it is because they are not aligned right. They usually overcrowd the mouth and can cause a lot of damage to other areas in the mouth. Also, if they are not removed they can cause infection. If they go through the gums they can get bacteria in there which can lead to many issues. This could also lead to gum disease or a decay of the tooth.


If you have not had your wisdom teeth removed and you are wondering if you have them talk to your local family dentistry. They will usually take an X-Ray of your mouth. If they see that you have wisdom teeth your family dentistry may have you meet with an oral surgeon. Even if your wisdom teeth are not causing any issues right now they still may remove them so there aren’t any issues down the road. Also, dentists prefer removing wisdom teeth in people who are young because it is a much faster healing process.


After your wisdom teeth are removed you will need a few days to recover. There will still most likely be a lot of bleeding where the teeth were pulled so you will need to make sure to have a lot of gauze for that. Also, you can expect some minimal face swelling to happen. If you are experiencing any pain take any medications your family dentistry recommends. Continue taking any antibiotics your dentist gave you as well. As for your diet, make sure you are eating softer foods for a couple of days. And finally, continue to brush your teeth but make sure to avoid the area that is healing.


There are some complications that can happen after you get your wisdom teeth out. One of the complications is dry socket. This is when a blood clot does not form. It can also happen if a blood clot did form but then displaced. Dry sockets can cause a lot of pain. If you think you are experiencing a dry socket contact your dentist right away. Another complication that can occur is paresthesia. This is rare but you will know if you have it because your jaw, lips and tongue will be numb.  
If you need your wisdom teeth removed there will be expenses involved with it. The costs vary anywhere from $100 to $350 per tooth. It really depends where you are located and how highly rated the dentist or oral surgeon is. Make sure you contact your local family dentistry before surgery and ask about the costs associated with wisdom tooth removal. Also, if your insurance covers some or all of the procedure make sure their practice accepts your type of insurance.