Get a Visa and Visit India

Prior to gaining entry to any foreign country, a Visa is one of the essential documents you need. The immigration department of the country you are visiting will make sure you have this document before being accepted into the country. In order to gain a Visa, you will be subjected to an application process. During the application process, you will have to produce all the material that is needed for this task at hand.

To date, the Visa application process has undergone a lot of changes. This has been in a bid to make the process easier. That is why currently, one can complete this task online. Therefore, as you plan to visit India, you will not be subjected to a tiresome process. Just visit Visa to India and begin your Indian e-Visa application process.

This is an online platform that has brought ease in the whole eVisa application process. On this platform, you will find three categories of electronic visa you can apply for. They include the following:

e-Tourist Visa
India is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is endorsed with remarkable physical features and wildlife that will take away any tourists breathe. That is why India receives a wide range of tourists throughout the year. As a tourist coming to India, you will need to apply for an e-Tourist Visa. This is a process that can be completed online.

eBusiness Visa
For those coming for business functions and endeavors in India, this is the kind of visa you need. It will allow you to start businesses in India and also as a gate pass to business functions in India. Therefore, it is a document that you will need as you plan your business trip to this reputable country. Produce all the documents, needed in the application process. After acquiring your e-Business Visa, you can attend exhibitions, business ventures lectures, fairs, business meetings and engage in business projects.

e-Medical Visa
India is one of the countries that offer the best medical treatment. Foreigners will frequently come into the country to seek this reliable medical attention. But there is a catch, you will need an e-Medical visa for you to enjoy the Indian medical care. You will be subjected to an online application process that will allow you to gain your medical visa.

The process of Applying for an Indian EVisa

There are systematic steps one needs to follow during the whole visa application process. Failure to do so, your chances of gaining this vital document becomes minimal. Below are the steps you need to follow strictly:
  • Complete Online Application
Visit and complete your online visa application process. Pay the required application fee and have your application be placed under review. Processing takes between 1-4 working days.

  • Receiving your EVisa
Your EVisa document will be sent to you via email. On receiving it, you will be expected to print it and carry it alongside your travel documents.

  • On arriving in India
Once you arrive in India, produce your eVisa document to the Immigration agent for verification. Most importantly, keep an additional copy during your stay in India.

As you plan to visit India, one of the things you ought to give priority is an Indian EVisa. Ensure you follow strictly the application for you to acquire one.