Talk with your significant other before you buy your wedding bands. you ever purchased clothes for somebody else and quickly discovered that they’re not going to fit or that they don’t really like them? Maybe you did this for their birthday or for Christmas. Everyone makes this mistake at least once in their life, but most people quickly learn from it and make a commitment to never purchase clothing for someone else ever again. The problem with buying clothes for someone else is that most people are rather picky about the style of clothing they wear and how it fits. That’s why there are fitting rooms in department stores. People might think something is going to look great on them, but then when they put it on they discover that they actually don’t like it. In other words, people can’t even pick out clothes for themselves without first trying them on. Good luck to anyone trying to pick them out for them.

The same sort of principle applies when it comes to wedding bands. There are a lot of people out there who take it upon themselves to pick out the wedding bands and engagement rings for their wedding. They’ve been saving up their money for a long time, and they’re incredibly excited to surprise the person they love with their rings. The problem here is that much like with clothing, most people have a very specific taste when it comes to wedding bands. They know what they like, what they don’t like, what type of metal they want it to be made of, what types of stones they want on it (some people, believe it or not, don’t actually want diamonds), and so forth. When one person in the relationship takes it upon themselves to buy all of the wedding bands and engagement rings, they’re essentially freezing the other person out of the process. Thus, the odds of them picking out bands and rings that the other person is going to love are slim.

Much like with the relationship in general, the process of purchasing wedding bands should be a combined effort. It should be a give and take between the two people, a type of cooperation to arrive at the bands and rings that both people like. Rather than just going out and buying diamond wedding bands on your own, you should instead sit down and talk with your significant other. The two of you should discuss what you’re looking for and what kinds of styles you like, which stones you prefer, and what type of metal (silver, gold, etc.) you want the rings to be made of. By talking with one another and communicating clearly, you’ll both have a better idea of what you’re looking for when you walk into a store like Cut Fine Jewelers. This will make the entire process much easier, and you won’t waste valuable time that you could spend planning your wedding on picking out bands and rings.

So don’t be that person that picks out the bands and rings yourself. Rather, communicate with your partner, work together, and find the jewelry you’re both going to love.